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  1. Compiling and installing gphoto

    Here are instructions on how to compile and install the latest version of gphoto, from SVN.

    # install dependencies (for Ubuntu 14.04)
    $ sudo apt-get install automake autopoint gettext libtool libusb-dev libpopt-dev subversion
    $ mkdir gphoto
    $ cd gphoto
    # compile libphoto2 and install into /usr/local/lib
    $ svn co https://svn.code.sf ...
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  2. OS X and Ubuntu Codenames

    Ubuntu 4.10Warty Warthog
    Ubuntu 5.04Hoary Hedgehog
    Ubuntu 5.10Breezy Badger
    Ubuntu 6.06 LTSDapper Drake
    Ubuntu 6.10Edgy Eft
    Ubuntu 7.04Feisty Fawn
    Ubuntu 7.10Gutsy Gibbon
    Ubuntu 8.04 LTSHardy Heron
    Ubuntu 8.10 ...
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  3. Adding a `git hub` alias

    This git alias will open a web browser and take you to a project's github page when you type git hub in a checked-out project directory.

    For OS X:

    git config --global alias.hub '!open $(echo $(git config --get remote.origin.url) | perl -pe "s|git\@github\.com:|https ...
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  4. Adding gphoto support for the Canon 5D

    gphoto for Canon EOS 5D compilation instructions

    you MUST use svn rev 10595 or greater. We tested with 10597

    Building gphoto on Ubuntu 6.10 (note that default 2.6.17 kernel spinlocks, use custom kernel)

    #check out trunk. The checkout will fail when trying to pull the libusb directory ...
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