Video Projects
KickTam Video Compression
I have been working on video compression algorithms since 1996. Most notably, I worked on Apple's H.264 codec, and represented Apple at the ISO and ITU standards committees for MPEG-4 and H.264. My focus is on algorithm research and SIMD optimization.
TouchEdit iOS Development
I enjoy working on multimedia applications for the iPad using Cocoa and AVFoundation.
QuickTime QuickTime
I worked on QuickTime 5, 6, and 7, mostly on the H.264 and MPEG-4 components.
iChat Video Conferencing
I worked on 4-way video conferencing for Apple's iChat AV product.
Research I have a MSEE from CMU, focusing on statistical signal processing, video compression, and medical imaging.


  Internet Archive Projects
BookReader BookReader
The IA bookreader allows online viewing of full-resolution archival images of books scanned by the Internet Archive. I rewrote the bookreader in 2007, and Michael Ang, George Oates, and several others provided significant updates and a new design since then. The latest improvements I added were support for online loans through Open Library and text-to-speech. I continue to maintain this project, but further development has stopped. (github)
OL Open Library
Open Library is an online catalog of book metadata, striving to be "one webpage for every book ever published". It was started by Aaron Swartz and is now maintained by Anand Chitipothu. I served as Tech Lead of Open Library after Aaron left the project. (github)
wayback Wayback Machine
I've worked on the Wayback front page, the Save Page Now feature, a Python SURT module, a CDX Writer, the liveweb proxy and a few warc upload tools.
autocrop autocrop
C code that automatically crops book images, used in the IA scanning centers. It was originally written as a side project, and I could use help improving the algorithm. (github).
gPhoto camera drivers I added support for Nikon 1 Series cameras to gPhoto, which allows use of low-cost cameras with long lifespans (1 million+ shots), to complement our high-end Canon cameras. I also worked with Paul Walmsley when he added gphoto support and a linux kernel patch for the Canon 5D camera. Here are our notes from reverse-engineering Canon drivers.
Book Digitization Software I wrote IA's server-based digitization tool called RePublisher, which is used by the Scribe bookscanners. I am currently working on the scanning software for the IA portable bookscanner.
IA Python Library Jake Johnson has written a great python and command-line interface to IA storage. I've been contributing improvements, and find this project quite useful. (github)
IA HTML5 Uploader I am currently working on the IA HTML5 Uploader, which was originally developed by Michael Ang.
IA Open Source IA Projects
There are many other projects available on the Internet Archive github organization page.


Personal Projects TikiCal Shapeoko Bb Buddha search by image hindi letters
TikiCal TikiCal is a social event calendar, based off the open source Reddit code, in python. (github)
CNC I have been making wooden kids toys with two Shapeoko CNC routers and a Lasersaur lasercutter. (github)
B♭ Buddha Machine A javascript Buddha Machine based on the magical "In B flat" project. (Flash needs to be enabled for the YouTube API.) (github)
PycSync Command-line tool for 2-way synchronization of local photos with flickr, in python. (github)
Kiva Interest Rate Finder Some Kiva Partners charge the equivalent of 80% APR. That is incredibly high. This python script helps you find Kiva Field Partners that charge 0% or low interest. (github)
Search-By-Image Wrapper Tool to create movies using Sebastian Schmieg's Search By Image, Recursively project. Example Movies. (github)

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